I'm a San Francisco-based photographer who's studied visual arts under Matt Kahn (Stanford University), Hildegard Abb (Foothill College), and Nancy Rubins (UCLA). I also have engineering degrees from MIT and Stanford and an MBA from UCLA.

I have two current projects- Motion Blur, which is relatively mature, and Icescape, which is still being formulated. Motion Blur originates from the observation that when you're in a car going 80mph on the freeway, the motion of the car blends the elements of the landscape horizontally. The same effect can be reached by moving the camera left and right or up and down during a prolonged exposure. In this process, the scene plays the role of the brush and the film plays the role of the canvas. The camera motion "paints" the scene onto the film.

In the Icescape project my goal is to relate the surreal landscape of glaciers to the traditional subjects of landscape photography. Mountain peaks, sand dunes, and rolling hills- they are all there, but now they're made of ice.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy it.